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Triglav Summiting or Hunting Goldenhorn

Triglav is the Slovenia’s highest mountain, featuring three peaks with the highest one reaching 2864 meters. According to one of the legends, there was a magical Goldenhorn inhabiting the Triglav Mountains. The horns of the mysterious creature were made of gold and would make anyone who caught Goldenhorn forever rich. The Goldenhorn was never caught due to its artfulness in escaping from the chasers, even when injured. The magic power of Goldenhorn was hidden in a divine flower protecting him from deathly wounds. The flower was growing in the crevices of Triglav and boasted unfathomable beauty.

If you are in Slovenia, storming the highest Slovenian peak is a must for you, after that you can consider yourself a true Slovenian.

So what is the simplest and fastest way to get to the top?

If your place of staying is Ljubljana, there is a bus going from the bus terminal to the town of Bled every 30 minutes. The taxi driver would charge you around 50 Euros for the same exact route. Bled is a picturesque town located on the coast of the homonymous lake where you can also stay overnight before the sunrise. There are around 15 itineraries leading to the top, but the most trampled route lies through Vrata Valley. The trip can be complete in one day or stretched out to 2 days.

If you possess enough stamina and endurance, you can opt for express ascending, starting at any of the valleys. You can reach the Triglavski Dom refuge within 3-4 hours of walking; the path is well-trodden due to its popularity. Unfortunately, there are no other refuges on the way to the Triglavski Dom, so you had better take some snacks with you.

Having reached the 2600 meters peak, you will have a break to rest and eat in the Triglav Dom refuge before storming.

The refuge is located at a height of 2515 meters and is very big in size. It can host around 100 under its roof but does not provide a great range of choice in terms of food, due to being so hard to reach.

Storming the peak on the same day is only possible if the weather is flawless and you do not feel tired. In the case of fatigue or bad weather, the ascending should be postponed until the morning with you staying in the refuge overnight. It is better to book a place in advance in July and August because of a great stream of tourists.

Storming the peak is not exhausting, but if you want to ensure some additional safety, you can always find a local guide or join a group.

2 hours is usually enough to complete ascending and get back to the refuge. Ascending with a guide will set you back around 200 Euros, accommodation, breakfast, supper and all necessary equipment are included. Private ascending might cost you 300 Euros.

You should keep in mind that it is dangerous to ascend alone in bad weather conditions, if there are many people on the path, ascending without a helmet is forbidden, as the risk of the rock avalanche is ten times higher.

Best of luck hunting Goldenhorn!

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