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Things to Do in Bolivia

Surprisingly enough, when it comes to the most popular destinations for travelling, Bolivia is not a country on the list. Well, your loss. There are a few negative factors which keep on pushing the tourist away from the country, such as a lack of public transport and the necessity to get visa, which might set you back 150$ dollars. However, I dare say that the astounding scenery awaiting you will make amends for all inconveniences.

The combination of high-rise mountains, jungles filled with wild life and the unfathomable variety of within a single country is what makes Bolivia so unique and irresistible to visit.

Here are the top things not to miss out on.

Cycling the death road in Bolivia

For all of the thrill junkies out there, this road is a perfect destination to take your adrenaline level up in the sky. Some might say that one has to be bonkers to paddle down the street bearing the name “Death Road,” and yet, an increasing number of tourists choose to try their fate. If you are faint-hearted, cycling the death road in Bolivia is definitely not the activity for you, however, if you are a daredevil, I suggest you pluck up all of your courage and try it out. This will be one of the most thrilling experiences you will ever have in your life. As you will be rushing down the road, you will find yourself surrounded with spectacular views — a pleasant reward for your courage.

Trekking in Bolivia, the maze awaits you

If you enjoy walking your feet off when exploring, you will definitely enjoy trekking Bolivia’s most inspiring road — the Valley of the Moon. The road is only called a road, but it mostly reminds of a quaint labyrinth with high-rising stone formations consisting of sandstone and clay which stretch out for as far as an eye can see. The area has various routes and trails with some of them being shorter and smoother to trek, while the others are narrow, uneven and bumpy. So whether you are looking to simply enjoy the views or looking forward to working up some sweat while trekking, the Valley of the Moon is a must-visit destination for avid trekkers.

Climbing in Bolivia

Do you enjoy hanging at an altitude of several thousand feet above the ground feeling the tension in every muscle of your body? If you are fond extreme activities, climbing in Bolivia is one of those activities you should not miss out on.

Bolivia boasts over 1000 summits catering for all levels of skills and budget. In comparison with other climbing destinations, Bolivia is quite cheap. The most popular destination for climbing amongst tourists is Huayna Potosi. The mountain is a perfect chance to try out climbing for beginners, however, those keen on climbers will also have a chance to challenge themselves as it is nearly impossible to reach 6000 meters without being an experienced climber.

The climbing tour includes three days with the price for climbing Huayna Potosi being $179.

Rafting in Bolivia

If you never get tired of extreme water activities, there is a place for you to get the long-awaited thrill — the Tuichi River. This river is one of the most popular destinations for rafting in Bolivia amongst tourists.

As you will be riding down the rushing waters, you will find yourself surrounded with cascading waterfalls and spectacular views studded along the river-course. The river lies amid spell-bounding canyons which give the spot a special magical atmosphere. When rushing down the waters, you will son enter the are of lush forests filled with numerous animal species, such as monkeys and tapirs. You will also enjoy contemplating a great number of various exotic birds jumping from branch to branch.

So pluck up all of your stamina and tame the wild waves and hit the road for the most thrilling adventure on the waters of Tuichi River!

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