Safaris in Namibia That Are Too Good to Miss!
Safaris in Namibia That Are Too Good to Miss!

Diving into some of the best treasures Namibia has to offer to safari lovers

Namibia is one of Africa’s most ideal safari destinations because of its geographical landscape and diverse wildlife. An adventure in Africa would not be complete without a Namibian safari!

Key destinations such as Damaraland, Sossusvlei, Etosha national park, Skeleton Coast, Botswana, and Swakopmund are some of the important places to visit for safaris in Namibia. They offer an unadulterated, unforgettable taste of the wilderness and nature. Safaris here are ideal for family travel and solo travellers alike and are filled with lots of post-safari activities you can indulge in as well. In this article, let’s break down the top safari adventures in Namibia you should look forward to!


Damaraland is an amazing place for safari destinations- with its wide range of wilderness and cultural sites that make a visit to this place a never-ending ordeal of touring.  This is a place where you can have a great taste of the tribal culture- something you will acquaint yourself with at every step of the trip. The safari lovers from all around the world visit Damaraland camp every year in their quest for experiencing wilderness.

Here, one can witness desert elephants in groups moving in herds along the riverbeds- the main attraction of Damaraland safaris, among many others. Rare species of antelopes and animals like lions on this safari are complemented by numerous flocks of birds that gather around along the river beds. Nature drives are done to give tourists a close up of the wildlife while driving along the dusty deserts surrounded by wilderness. This place is definitely among the best African photo tours.

A popular morning activity here is to drive along the vast terrains to follow around the black rhino. Another attraction of this safari will be learning about the Welwitschia plants- which are ‘living fossils.’ Enough said.


One of the world’s oldest deserts and along the world’s highest sand dunes over the Eros Mountains, you can experience a safari that is nothing short of magical. The Sossusvlei Safari starts features sand dunes that can be as much as 300 meters tall, the Naukluft mountains, and in the way of the Remhoogte pass, one of the most stunning plateaus photographers have ever seen. In addition to these, you have the open farmlands and savannah paving way to the dune desert to witness the changing colors and myriad of the setting sun on the mountains.

You can see numerous animals here that have evolved and adapted to thrive on a minimum intake of water. Apart from numerous tiny animals, the larger one that can be found here are Oryx, springbok, wild horse, and the ostrich as well. You get to pass through ‘Sesrium,’ which is called the heaven’s gateway, with an extension to the Sesrium canyon being the majestic Gamsberg pass in the Khomas Hochland Mountain range. A jeep safari here is an awesome way to experience thrill!

A wonder for photographers from across the world and equally famous as a heavenly stargazing destination, Sossusvlei is a scenic location where oneness with nature is celebrated.


Etosha national park is one of the biggest tourist destinations of Namibia, and one that houses a wide variety of animal species. Safari rides along the Etosha national park allow tourists to get close with the animals and witness the wilderness from a close range. The park’s important assets are the waterholes that are found scattered along the park. The black rhino- one of the endangered species- often frequents these waterholes, allowing tourists to grasp a look at the animal. Giraffes, oryx, springbok, zebras, and elephants join the trek with one another at the waterholes with a splendid view of the Etosha pans in the background. Whether you want to have a lake adventure in Africa or a safari adventure in Africa, Namibia is a place that serves you well indeed!

Some of the large mammals preserved in Etosha National park are lions, wildebeest, cheetahs, hyenas, leopards, kudus, gemsboks; and some of the smaller mammals are warthogs, ground squirrels, jackals, bat-eared foxes, and badgers. Wild dog safaris are another fun-filled ride here that will give you a memorable trip around the park- something you can follow up with a game ride for a day in the Okaukeujo campsite. You can also go to Swakopmund from Etosha through the towns of Outjo, Otjiwarongo to Omaruru on a trip, gazing the wildlife and getting a taste of the tribal culture of the region. The scenic route if filled with lush green lawns, palm trees, and architecture of the ancient bygone eras.

Experiencing the stunning wonders of nature along the scenic terrains of Namibia is one of the best ways for any traveler to experience a one-of-a-kind safari adventure. One that is geologically diverse and offers great value for the money as well. Pack up the bags and hit these destinations if your heart craves splendid isolation among nature and a scenic view- and don’t forget to click some great pictures!

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