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Photography Tour on the Chobe River

Are you keen on water activities? Then why not to combine photographing with an enjoyable ride on the river making your vacation even more exciting! The Chobe River is known for its peaceful turquoise waters that create the atmosphere of tranquility and sedate you.

No severe currents or rapids are to be expected, so even those not good at swimming should not be afraid of waters, you are guaranteed complete safety.

This area is remote and you will indeed enjoy seclusion, however, there is also a vast wildlife thriving here.

Those fond of bird photography will find this place to be their paradise on earth.

You are to behold a great diversity of colors with some of the birds being unique only to this area. The most outstanding species of this area are the Carmine bee-eaters and the African skimmers, however, there are many other exotic species.

October is the best time to visit this place as it is the peak of the breeding period.

The birds are used to the presence of human and are easily approachable. If luck smiles at you, you will witness one of the birds gorging on fish nosediving to catch a fish, so keep your camera close and be ready to take a snap any second!

The boats are meant for 4 people, however, if you are willing to splash out, you might arrange a boat for two people. Also, there are accommodations located 50-100 meters from the river, you might take photos right out of the window!

Photography tour on the Chobe River is one of the best experiences in your life you will never forget!

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