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One Famous Island With Many Names

Scheria, Drepani, Island of the Phaeacians, Corcyra, Corfu are few of the names given to this
marvel of Mediterranean Sea. An island with so many names cannot help but to be a place
that ignites curiosity, the desire for exploration, the need to make contact. An Island with so
many virtues naturally creates the need for millions of people to visit, to meet its varied
aspects and in their turn become part of its history.


Corfu is an important geopolitical crossroad for over 700 years. For the past centuries it has
inspired travellers, poets, merchants, painters, generals, writers, Empires. Depending on
one’s perspective, individuals could recognize different elements of the island’s magic.
‘Scheria’, the eternal coastline as it has been described by Homer, for those who have
navigated around the coast by rowing, sailing and later in motorized boats.

Island of the Phaeacians for those who experienced the hospitality of its people and of the
place itself. The people of the island were known of the protection they offer over the
travelers with most famous cases the safe harbor they provided to the Argonauts and later
to Odysseus wandering soul.


A name given because of its curved shape, is Drepani (Sickle island), some say that it is
because the island itself is the sickle that Cronos used in order to overpower the primordial
god Ouranos (Sky Father) and become the ruler of the second order.


Up until now there is the misconception that the name Corfu refers to whole island. But
Corfu is only a name acknowledged by the admirers of the main town. In the corfiot dialect,
Corfu, means ‘two peaks’ in dedication to the two fortresses that protected the lively center
of trade and intercultural fusion during the long Venetian era. When the island was a British
protectorate, the British cartographers copied the Venetians and spread the word! But the
real name has a different story….



The Doric name Corkyra, will come forward only to those who have started to reveal the
island’s secrets. These are the lovers of nature, who decide to leave behind a few drops of
sweat, who will hear her sounds, who will caress her beauties with their eyes, who desire to
feel the outline of her curves under their feet, to inhale her aroma, to taste her crops, there
is no other choice than the name Corkyra, the Mermaid daughter of the river Asopos and his
wife Metopi, the daughter of the dragon Ladonas.


The Mermaid Corkyra awakened the passions of Poseidon, Ruler of the Seas, God of
Olympos. Poseidon transformed himself into fresh water and maneuvered upstream the
Asopos River until he reached its source and abducted Corkyra. In the search for the most
appropriate love nest, Poseidon arrived at an enticing island in the north Ionian Sea. When
Corkyra stepped onto the land, she integrated with the island and molded it to her figure.
She gave birth to her sons and daughters and eventually gave the name that when it
Romanized, became the one that it is still known today, Kerkyra.
Welcome to Kerkyra. A journey begins..


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