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National Parks in Kazakstan

1. Alatau National Park
(Best places: Chimbulak, Medeu, Small Almaty gorge (Tuyuc Su (4100 m) Ordzhonikidze (3980
m) peaks, Big Almaty gorge, Peak Talgar (4.917 m), Ozernoe gorge, Bogdanovich Glacier etc)

2. Aksu Zhabagly Nature Reserve
(Tien Shan mountains, Aksu canyon; it is a habitat of snow leopard and other rare animals, and is
also known as a Kingdom of Tulips, where tulips are believed to originate, long before they were
introduced in Holland)

3. Saryarka: Korgalzhyn and Naurzum State Nature Reserves
(Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan. Perfect place for birdwatching. Flocks of pink
flamingos, Siberian white crane, the Dalmatian pelican, Pallas’s fish eagle, Saiga antelope,
globally threatened species of birds and animals – protected by UNESCO)

4. Altyn Emel National Park
(Singing Dune, Besshatyr, Tamgaly Tas, Katytau and Aktau – the weather should be windy and
dry for enjoying the dunes. If it is wet, you won’t hear the singing. Also – gazelles, argali sheeps
and wild donkeys. Also the Terekty petroglyphs and the Besshatyr burial mounds)

5. Katon-Karagay National Park
(Bukhtarma River, Berel river, Belukha mountain, Yazevoe Lake + a habitat of marals – red deer)
6. Burabay National Park

(peaceful place: pine forests and serene lakes

7. Ustyurt National Reserve
(Usteurt Plateau, Boszhyra canyon, Tuzbair canyon (desert!), Valley of Balls + Sherkala
mountain; preserve the deserts as well as the rare flora and fauna.You might need 4 wheel jeep to
drive the area. There is also a holy place somewhere around there, a mosque in a cave named after

8. Bayanaul National Park
(nice mountains, not so nice service (therefore not necessary to include in our article)

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