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Vietnamese Dishes You Must Try in Vietnam

If you are in Vietnam, don’t miss out on these delicacies

With duck embryo eggs and shells to soggy spinach and from soups to local takes on burgers- Vietnam is a daring conquest for food connoisseurs. This small country in the easternmost part of the Indo-china peninsula boasts not just of its great culture and biodiversity, but also of its food palate. Vietnam cuisine is known for its exquisite taste and variety.

Creative in ingredients and diverse in taste, the Vietnamese cuisine is not only finger licking in Vietnam but is also known to be one of the healthiest cuisines around the world. What makes it so great is the balanced use of spices, herbs and rich sauces to cook and garnish dishes made with fresh ingredients.
Let’s start with the exquisite list of Vietnamese delicacies you would not want to miss out on, if you are in Vietnam!


The national dish – Pho

Starts from $2.5

The Vietnam national dish - Pho

A type of soup which is mainly made of rice noodles known as Bánh pho, meat, broth, and a few herbs and spices, Pho is considered as the national dish of the country. It can be found everywhere- from street side makeshift stalls to classy expensive restaurants. This dish speaks volume of the Vietnam culinary adventure your taste buds will have once you are there.


The Vietnamese surprise – Õc

Starts from $2

The Vietnamese surprise - Õc

Õc is simply an assortment of snails and shells. It is an offering of various varieties of mollusks which locals love to munch on. It is considered a delicacy in the country and is perfect for anyone who wants to taste the genius of local chefs.
Best had with some beer.


The French influence – Banh Cuon

Starts from $2

The French influence - Banh Cuon

Made from eggs, wheat and dairy products and stuffed with steamed pork and onion, this steamed rice cake Banh Cuon is one of the favorite dishes in the North side of the country. Served with sugar, some fish sauce, and lime, this dish will set ablaze a firework of taste inside your mouth!


Baguette, Vietnamese style – Báhn Mi

Starts from $1.5

Baguette, Vietnamese style - Báhn Mi

Báhn Mi is a simple sandwich which consists of a baguette filled with savory delights. It is known for its simplicity and authentic taste. There can be many versions of the dish with ingredients like pork sausage, minced pork meatball, fish patty, fried eggs and so much more.


The smelliest yet the most delicious food in Vietnam – Bun Dau Mam Tom

Starts from $2

The smelliest yet the most delicious food in Vietnam - Bun Dau Mam

Yes, it is the ‘smelliest’ item on the list, but anybody who has heard about the variety of sea food in Vietnam would know this is a mandatory thing to try out.
To put it simply, the Bun Dau Mam Tom is fermented shrimp paste noodle. It’s made using fermented shrimp paste, fried tofu, and vermicelli noodles. These ingredients are tossed together to form a delicious local staple.


Bonus: Tropical fruity delights

Vietnam is known for its fresh and rare tropical fruits. While in Vietnam, don’t miss out on the Dragon fruit, Langsat, Sapodilla, Rambutan, Soursop, Mangosteen, and many more delights.

With fresh ingredients and sheer simplicity, Vietnamese cuisine can win anyone over. It is impossible to not want to go back and enjoy this cuisine over and over again in the perfect setting of a local restaurant. We hope this article helps you to choose what to put in the ‘om-nom-nom list’ for when you are going to Vietnam.

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