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Adventures in Greece suit to every fancy

Interview with Costis Panaretos, trekking leader in Panas Asdventure.

    • What would you consider the top attraction driving tourists to Greece?

Greece is so varied and attracts many different types of travelers, so it is not easy to spot one top attraction. would sum up to: The diversity mountains and sea interchanging, the rich history and culture, the great weather and light of Greece and finnally the food.

    • Where would you personally recommend getting to?

Greece can satisfy all sorts of desires. You can have big or small islands, big
cities and small villages, endless coastline and mesmerizing bays and
impressive high mountains and rolling hills. On top of that, Greece is very
accessible to come and has an established network of public and private
transportation so you can go at the right place, the right time.

    • What is your favorite area to spend weekends at?

Originally, I’m coming from Kerkyra island, widely known as Corfu. This
amazing island has so many options to choose from that I can spend there
every weekend of the year with a different place to go.

    • Which adventures will you call the most popular —is it hiking, kayaking,

At the moment, hiking and sailing are the most popular activity that can be
offered all over Greece. Bicycling is very popular too. Kayaking, rafting,
canyoning is happening to selective areas.

    • Which type of sports activities are the most popular? Any extreme sports
      worth noting?

Snowboarding, mountaineering ski, climbing, kitesurfing and ultra-
marathons are few to mention. Particular rock-climbing has become very
popular around the world for practitioners in the Kalymnos island.

    • What are the specialties of local cuisines? Which dishes would you
      recommend travelling for? Any restaurants you consider worth a

When you talk about food in Greece, there is only one thing to say:
Guaranteed success! The depth of variety and the richness of local cuisine is
so great that wherever you go, you will find all the yummy well-known
Greek dishes plus the local specialties. If you haven’t tasted the Greek
cuisine – is a must do, if you haven’t even heard of it – be aware! A totally
new world is ready to open for you.

    • When would you recommend to go travel? What are the seasonal activities
      of the region?

Seasonal activities in Greece involves hiking, sailing, swimming, canyoning,
rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, snowboarding/skiing, mountaineering to
name few

    • Could you tell us more about your favorite adventure?

How is it possible? My favorite adventure is the next to come!

    • What is your the most notable experience that you’ve ever planned?

So difficult to choose between different adventures. I have enjoyed countless
days of preparing adventures and equal days enjoying them. Every each one of
them has its own challenges and logistics to deal with.
If it was to say one at this very moment, I will choose an one-week unsupported
winter exploration around Ben Nevis that I have planned. It was very
demanding on the physical aspect and very difficult to pre plan the needs but at
the end I was feeling totally fulfilled which is the aim of all the adventures.

    • How long have you been a travel agent for? Why are you different from
      other travel agency out there?

We have been a travel agent by 2017. We have a passion for Greece, its
natural beauty, the history, the legends and myths, the culture. Greece has
always been a destination of beautiful beaches and wonderful sunshine.
Additionally to the above we introduce ancient footpaths, traditional
architecture, far reached places, hidden gems and general active interaction
with a blessed area. We connect the places with the myths and local history
and very importantly we explore alongside with you, sharing what we know
and looking for the answers on the questions you bring.

    • What areas of travel does your agency specialize in? Why?

We visit the islands in Ionian Sea and the one of the main mountain ranges
in Greece in mainland – mountain range of Pindos. Ionian sea has always
been the area we have explored the most and it was only natural to start
from there. Pindos mountain range is fulfilling the desire to connect the sea
with the mountains. Today, we are planning to expand our exploration and
adventures to all the possible Greek corners.

    • What areas of the business are performing well at the moment and why?

Communication with customers and relations with third parties
collaborators are the areas that are performing the best until now.

    • What do you think is that aspect of your business that contributed to your

Passion, preparation and knowledge are leading our path towards success.

    • What travel trends did you notice recently?

Hard to say. I can see more younger people (25-35) getting into the outdoor
travel an there is a constant interest on ages 50-65 that I don’t expect to
decrease. People are always exciting for the far away lands to travel but this
can heavy depend on financial and political aspects. The easier accessible
places will still be on their calendar.

    • What are the biggest challenges of working in an adventure travel field?

Find a way to reach your audience. The people that will want to come with
you and share their experiences with you. These are the people you wish to
have on board. Sharing the same adventure with like minded people can
make the experience to worth for ever.

    • What future do you think AREA travel agents will have, bearing in mind the
      growing popularity of online travel?

See answer on my first question

    • How are you going to keep growing business?

Find the right collaborators to work with, participating on Travels
Shows/exhibitions, increase the range of places I visit and activities we do

    • Which popular blogs on adventure travel do you follow?

Nothing at the moment. Do you have something to recommend me?

    • Do you have any favorite quote on adventures we could share with our

Embrace the Unexpected and Have an Adventure

Costis, Panas Adventures

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