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How Much it Costs to Climb Mount Everest

“How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest?” is one of the most common questions asked by hopeful climbers when they plan adventure holidays.

Climbing Everest costs as much as a car and up to $45,000.

The price range for a standard Everest adventure tours expedition ranges from $30,000 to $85,000.

How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest depends on your expedition style, level of support and which side of Everest – Nepal or Tibet – you are planning to climb.

How much will it cost to climb Mt Everest will depend if you climb with more or one Western guides. For example, climb on the South West will cost at least $60, 000. If you need to go with among the Nepali businesses that are low cost, it is going to cost about $30, 000 from either side.

The cost of climbing Mt Everest also depends on the method of ascent: join a team that is completely guided, join a group journey for your ultimate adventure holiday or put together your very own expedition.

You will find four important elements to any Everest climb no matter climbing from Tibet or Nepal: licenses/insurance, traveling, supplies, guides and equipment. The adventure tours prices are completely dependent on how you enjoy to travel and where you prefer to reside.

It can very from a couple hundred dollars to over $7, 000 to fly to Nepal. After in Kathmandu, you need to fly to Lhasa or Lukla to start the trip to base camp, so add within an additional several hundred bucks for this air trip. Airfare depends upon extra luggage and routing and type. Transport Kathmandu to Lukla, food and resort in Kathmandu, Nepal visa and immunizations also needs to be accounted for. From Lukla in Nepal, it usually requires about a week to trek to the base camp, so there’s accommodation and food on the way for your support team and you during your ultimate adventure holiday.

But not only do you have to arrive to the base all your equipment, but additionally bring all your tents, food, oxygen, etc. Most folks use yaks and porters costing at least $75 each day per load. Helicopters will be hired by big adventure holidays operators. On the Tibet side, you could save cash as you may drive all the way to the base camp.

The license price is fixed per climber from Nepal and $7, 000 $11, 000. In Nepal, the license fee only grants permission to scale. Nepal executed in 2013 a brand new rule which requires every foreign climbers in Nepal to employ a nearby Sherpa Guide.

Most guide businesses most need medical coverage and will need at least evacuation insurance. Among the greatest investments you could make is to add excursion cancellation to the policy. Eventually, you’ll want climbing equipment including clothing layers, down suit, boots, gloves, sleeping bags, packages and more. This may cost at least $7, 000 if you everything new. High elevation boots like from Millet or La Sportiva will cost as much as $1, 000, while full mountain suit from Feathered Friends or Mountain Hardwear will equally cost up to $1, 000 and a sleeping-bag ranked to -20F are at least $500. Budget also for $550 per oxygen bottle with the absolute minimum of 5 bottles in total. But you may also want a mask at $450 at $450 and a regulator. It is possible to take your very own oxygen that is additional to the high camps, but most folks use the Sherpas to cache them at the high camps. The standard is for him to ascend on oxygen, although in a lower flow rate, therefore this will operate an added $2, 000 when hiring your very own Sherpa from adventure tours operator.

Now you have a rough idea how much does it cost to climb Mt Everest and we hope that your dream will come true one day as you complete your ultimate adventure holidays.

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