Glamping - a Dream Come True for the Modern Traveler
Glamping – A Dream Come True for the Modern Traveler

Glamping has become one of the most preferred activities for people who love to
go on luxury travel tours.

It can be defined as a form of camping, with the only exception of being replaced with luxury and comfort in all aspects. Defined simply as luxury camping, the term ‘glamping’ has its origin from camping and glamour. Though a new trend in the world of tourism and travel, the concept of luxury travel has been in existence for many years.

Unlike normal camping, glamping offers much more for travelers to enjoy. It brings together the comfort and ease of modern technology and traditional camping. Glamping holidays include modern amenities like beds, luxurious resort- like toiletries, kitchen applications like coffee makers, bathrooms with showers
and much more.


One of the reasons why glamping has become a fast-growing trend is that people are seeking out comfort even in their journey outside. Hence this became an excellent opportunity for players in this business to capitalize on this need for comfort. Resorts and business owners go all in trying to make it a good experience for the visitors, with luxury tents. It almost becomes a home away from home.

Fully replete with all modern amenities that one can desire.
Glamping lets one enjoy the outdoors without compromising on his or her
comfortable stay.

The presence of modern amenities such as fully functional
kitchens, showers, TV, private balconies, food services etc. ensures that one gets
quality time away from home as well. Many of glamping sites offer various activities for the visitors like zorbing, hiking trails and other such activities that can be done nearby. This lets the visitor enjoy being surrounded by nature without having to feel cut down from his modern everyday comforts.


Luxury lovers

Traditional camping involves setting up a camp in a campsite which is usually near
natural places and people enjoy the beauty of nature by being away from the everyday cacophony of modern life.

In glamping, however, one can still enjoy nature but without having to give up on modern amenities, thanks to glamping deals.


Glamping is suitable for elders who need certain amenities or offerings of modern day life to be comfortable. These could include suitable toilet facilities, heating systems, comfortable mattresses etc.

There are more and more glamping resorts popping up all over the world that facilitate the experience.

Another class of travelers for who glamping is suitable are those who are
apprehensive about camping or have had unpleasant experiences.

After any such incident, they would be totally reluctant to give traditional camping another shot. This is where the offerings of glamping can be of immense importance. It reassures the traveler of the high quality of luxury and comfort available. Glamping weekends are not just comfortable, but safe as well.


Another important audience for glamping is expecting women. During that time,
comfort and safety are of utmost importance for them.

Glamping with its luxuries,
promises to give the best comfortable stays for the expecting mothers. The set-up usually has safety measures in place and provide great services when required.

It can be a bit of a hassle for parents to take their children for camping, due to
various issues like safety, comfort, etc.

In resorts where glamping is offered, all of these concerns are taken care of. The children are within safe environments, with proper supplies if food and emergency items such as medicine etc. It’s perfect for families!


While planning Glamping holidays in UK or any other country, visitors are spoilt
with choices when it comes to picking the right kind of lodge during their
glamping stays. The options start from a simple safari tent, which could
(depending on the location and size) accommodate WiFi, wardrobes, wooden
floors etc. Yurts can also be one of the lodging places.

It is simply a round tent, modern yurts come with all sorts of fancy gadgets to
make anyone's stay comfortable. Cabins and cottages can also be good and
luxurious modes of lodging. Cubes and pods provide an easy and affordable
lodgings solution in the world of glamping. Minimalism is the key in these types of

As we are progressing, technology has enabled us to build geo domes for
glamping purposes. These are easy to assemble and provide good and sustainable
living structures. Luxury camping holidays are booming, and looks like the trend is
here to stay!




Aman-i-Khas (Rajasthan, India)

Located on the Ranthambore National Park border, this property boasts of Mughal style tents equipped with air conditioning, tub, shower, and regal furnishings. They also offer Ayurvedic and Reiki treatment spa options and visits to nearby landmarks.

Located in the Torres del Paine National Park, this glamping hotel boasts of its geodesic dome structure. With rooms complete with showers, open terraces,heating systems and much more.

Rock Creek Ranch (Montana, USA)

This is a five star rated flapping resort located between Sapphire and Pintler
mountain ranges. The resort features elaborate western themed cabins and tents.
Each living space boasts of WiFi, refrigerator, luxurious toiletries. The resort also
has a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and sauna. They also provide activities
like hiking, rodeos, archery, fishing, mountain biking and much more.

Whitepod (Switzerland)

Located on a hillside, 20 miles from Chamonix Mont Blanc, this five-star rated
resort has 15 luxurious pod suites. These suites are designed and conceptualized
to look like igloos. They have all the modern amenities like private sauna,
bathrooms with showers, heating systems, Swiss furnishings and a bar with a fine
collection of wine.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort (British Columbia, Canada)

Located on the Vancouver Island, this is a tented safari providing all the
indulgences in an eco-friendly manner. This campsite has 25 tents for guests,
along with dining tents, waterfront lounge, games tent, and an activity tent. The
resort also provides wild watching activities which includes black bear sightings
and whale watching tours. They give a closer look at orcas, humpbacks and grays.
Other activities include fishing, rock climbing, surfing, kayaking, and horseback

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