Embark on a Flavorful Culinary Adventure in Punjab
Embark on a Flavorful Culinary Adventure in Punjab

Experiencing North Indian food at its best

PunjaPunjab is known as a harbor for culinary lovers due to is a versatile dishes and
unique style of cooking.Punjabis practice their cooking style that speaks
volumes of a rich culinary tradition- with spices, chilies, homemade chutneys,
use of homemade butter, so on and so forth!

In this article, we will provide you with some insights on the
must-eat dishes in Punjab and delight your taste buds!


Starts from INR 50

One of the most important and stereotyped dishes of Punjab, this

dish is
synonymous with food lovers and trotters with its slightly bitter, tangy taste of
the mustard and spinach leaves.
It appeals its onlookers to savor the dish
when it is garnished by a dollop of freshly made ghee (India’s signature-style
clarified butter).
Sarson ka saag is one of the most basic dishes that can’t be missed out in your
culinary tour.


Starts from INR 15 per piece

Sarson ka saag’s eternal companion is the soft, yummy makki ki roti (Indian
flatbread), made out of cornflour. It is made with jaggeryor gur to match with
the spicy taste of saarson ka saag and is truly a match made in food heaven!
This combination is one of the staple foods of Punjab and is popular in every
part of the country.


Starts from INR 50

Rajma chawal is yet another beloved and most sought-after dishes in almost
every household and hotel- not just in Punjab, but throughout North India. It is
often hailed as the signature dish of Punjabis, and is colourful as well as
flavorful in every bite.
Rajma can be described as a curry dish made from red kidney beans, garnished
with fresh coriander. The chawal (basmati rice) is topped with onions, pickle,
and papadum to make it crunchy, tasty and a delightful twist.


Starts from INR 60

Made with hot spices, whole black lentil, red kidney beans, butter and cream,
this buttery and colourful Punjabi dish is sure to leave you dazed with its
amazing taste.

Another staple of Punjab, Dal makhani is a thick gravy, had with the naan
(a type of Indian flatbread) and is a scrumptious recipe that every food lover
adores. The icing on this dish is a few dollops of creamy butter- or ghee in
some cases- that makes it a rich concoction of traditional delight that engages
your appetite with its deep flavors and rich taste.


Starts from INR 10 per piece

Parantha- best described as pan-fried stuffed Indian flatbread– is another one
of the staple foods of Punjab and comes with endless stuffing options like
cheese, pickles, onions, potatoes, grated cauliflower, and so on.
It is one of the most commonly available dishes throughout India and should
never be left out in one’s culinary trips. Parantha tastes best with chilled curd
and green chilies, or with pickles, or with a dollop of butter. It also becomes
delectable with Rajma chawal or Dal makhani.


Starts from INR 40 per plate

Made with chickpea, chole is another thick gravy delight that goes best with
paranthas and rottis. Its indulging flavor of spicy onions, vegetables, and
traditional Indian spices makes it a mouth-watering ordeal and is a must try
dish. Chole has become a synonymous partner with the Bhature which is a
type of Indian flatbread made with milk and flour, making it softer and fluffier.


Starts from INR 70 per plate

Butter chicken is one of the most famous dishes in Punjab and every culinary
tour becomes incomplete without this flavorful dish.

It stands out majestically
among all other dishes due to its rich gravy and butter filled batter and a
combination of locally grown Indian spices like paprika, cumin, coriander,
turmeric, black pepper, ginger and more, that makes it deliciously creamy.
Butter chicken tastes best when it is paired with rumali and naan rotis
(different varieties of Indian bread- the former is extremely thin and the latter
is baked slowly in a clay oven).


Starts from INR 90 per plate

Punjab’s take on fish is a popular snack that is made by marinating cuts of fish
in grounded spices and then deep-frying them. These go best with ginger or
cardamom chai (Indian tea). It is a street food you cannot miss out on if you
are in Punjab.


Starts from INR 30 per glass

Famous worldwide, the beverage Lassi is Punjab’s signature delicacy and its
versions are had either like a dessert after a sumptuous meal, or during
summer to beat the heat. A unique blend of water, spices, and yogurt, it
sometimes includes fruits and sugar as well, depending on your choice of

Lassi is known as the pride of Punjabi cuisine and made with fresh buttermilk
that is thick, creamy and laced with mustards and dollops of pudhina (mint).
Nowadays this sweet drink is available in different flavors like strawberry,
mango, and butterscotch, all over the world.

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