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Do Fall In Love With Nepalese Nature

Nepalese travel agent Ajay Kumar Shrestha from Swotah Travel and Adventure on challenges at the Big Annapurna Trail, seasons change, and beauty of the region

What would you consider the top attraction driving tourists to Nepal?

I will totally name the most interesting and tourist-attractive spots in the Nepal – Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Kathmandu. I am passionate about these spaces, hiking and spending a weekend with family here – we are all adventure seekers! Regions don’t give you that much of a variety for the time-spending -we go trekking and paragliding ourselves. Depending on the season you would like to explore different activities here – anything from bungee jumping and rafting to mountain biking and yoga at the cliffs of Annapurna.

Annapurna bcManaslu Circuit

How long have you been a travel agent for? Why are you different from other travel agency out there?

Now I am travel agent for 2 years. What actually brought me here is that I lost my way coming down from Manaslu camp alone and I lost hope because I was stuck in snow for hours. It was horrible experience but now I remember it and cherish it. I do not want anyone to get into trouble like that, but only to fall in love with the nature and views around – I will take care of that.

Poon HillNew Year

What makes us different is that there’s an unhealthy competition and so many agents don’t  have traveling experience and knowledge.

They make it a business, while we have history, love passion and devotion to make this area beautiful for all the adventure seekers. We want to connect people back with nature again. And we have the potential here – people are starting to travel more than ever. There’s an ever growing need and demand for travel sector.

Nepal Mountain bikingTamang village Trek

What travel trends did you notice recently?

Right now the most popular among tourists are the packaged tours of Nepal. But it’s our goal to make it different! We already contributing for trekking to proudly provide second popular activity.

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