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Culinary Tour in India, Finger-Licking!

If you are a foodie (cmon, which one of us is not? hehe), making a cuisine tour in India is a must for you! When you think about India, I bet exotic is the first word that pops up in your head. Exotica is the very essence of this country with India being truly unique in every possible aspect: culture, traditions, lifestyle and, of course, cuisine! When it comes to traditional Indian food, it can be worth exciting and intimidating.

Spices are a must in almost every dish but mind the quantity of them used in every of them.

Sometimes a dish is seasoned with spices so generously, that you feel like capable of drinking the entire Indian Ocean. In this blog, we will cover some of the most popular cuisine tours in India that will not make your stomach turn 🙂

Culinary tour in Delhi

Chandni Chowk is the biggest spice market in Delhi. I would highly recommend you to come here early in the morning because the second half of the day the places is swarmed with locals as well as tourists. The market lined with numerous and small shops alike that can provide you with everything you would hope to try in India: puffed rice snacks, dried out mangos, samosas, asafoetida, to name a few. The air is filled with the blast of chili, making you want to sneeze, but you will get used to it pretty soon. Here you will also have a chance to try a traditional Indian dish called palak paneer ( the combination of tomatoes, spinach and paneer).

If you are a sweet tooth, you cannot miss out on a culinary tour at the Kamla Market in Delhi.

This place serves a unique sweet dish called jalebi, which is basically super tasty fried butter soaked in sugar syrup and shaped like a heart. I bet one portion will not suffice for you! The prices for cuisine tours in Delhi start at $50 per person.

Culinary tour in Sikkim

If you love momos, it is a must for you to do a cuisine tour in Sikkim. Even though this delicacy is available in almost all corners of India, here momos taste heavenly. If you have never tried momos, you have missed one of the best things in your life! Momos can be basically described as dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables and served with hot sauce rich in flavour. Another pearl Sikkim is boasting are is a noodle soup with meat and eggs— Thukpa.

Culinary tour in Mumbai

The city offers lots of cuisine tours with the average price for a person reaching $50. Concerning the range of dishes Mumbai has to offer, your choice is limitless, but once in Mumbai, Modaks (sweet dumplings stuffed with coconut), falooda (a dessert beverage made with rose syrup) and Bombil (very crispy and extremely delicious) are the highlights you cannot neglect. The prices for cuisine tours in Mumbai start at $45 per person.

Culinary tour in Puri, Odisha

Puri is a paradise on earth for those keen on seafood.

Squids, lobsters, prawns, crabs, shellfish…here you will find everything your heart desires.

Recently caught, fresh and succulent, the sea inhabitants are waiting for you on a plate!

If you want to indulge yourself in something sweet, khaaja is Indian sweet pastry boasting amazing texture. Being very crispy, Khaaja is a dish made of wheat flour with sugar shaped into layered dough. The fruit stuffing is the best part of the delicacy!

Culinary tour in Darjeeling

The presence of the British and French cultures is not felt so strongly anywhere else such as in  Darjeeling.

You will find yourself sitting in small cosy cafes enjoying magnificent French and British delicacies that will make you want to bite your tongue off.

Bits of heaven right in your mouth! I bet you know that India is famous for its tea plantations, Darjeeling does not only boast countless tea gardens but also loves connoisseurs of good tea!

Culinary tour in Himachal Pradesh

Culinary tour in Himachal Pradesh is like a trip to another world filled with a unique flavour and aroma coming from everywhere. The majority of the dishes in this area are cooked for several hours before the dishes received the perfect consistency and aromatic taste. The cuisine is predominantly homely yet rich and intense. Once here, do not miss out on trying Madra, a sweet cake cooked with almonds, coconut, chickpeas and yoghurt.

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