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Cape Town, a Mini Paradise on Earth!

Once you have decided to go traveling, what is the first thing you would take into consideration? I bet the first question that comes to your mind is ” where do I want to go?” Whether you are an active tourist craving for adventure or a lazy type looking to spend your entire day lying on the beach with your feet dunk in water, Cape Town is the answer. A sun-lit city in South Africa is a mini-paradise to satisfy all of your needs.

The city is a combination of white-sand beaches, exquisite cuisine and vivacious nightlife and a plethora of things to try out!

Cycling wine tour in Cape Town

How about combining activity with a bit of pleasure? Sounds good? Then hop on a bicycle and hit the road for a wine tasting tour in Cape Town. The city boasts huge lush vineyards stretching out as far as an eye can see.

There are 9 major sites in the city to go wine tasting with the most popular one being Constantia Valley,

the very first place the entire wine industry of the city stems from. You will have a chance to rush through the long corridors of ripe grapes exuding irresistible aroma. Now it is high time you got off your bike and took a good sip of tasty wine! There are various cycling tours catering for all ability levels with the price varying from place to place.

Helicopter tour in Cape Town

If you like exploring but do not fancy the idea of walking your feet off, there is no better option for you to see the city of Cape Town then from the bird’s-eye view, and trust me, there is a lot to see.

Diverse flora of the city makes it one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

You will enjoy contemplating numerous colourful valleys, bays with turquoise waters, sandy beaches and sun-lit rugged cliffs, countless nature reserves offering dramatic views. In a word, there is a lot to see. The average price for a helicopter tour in Cape Town starts at 650$.

Diving adventure in Cape Town

Are you keen on water activities? Then you cannot miss out on a diving adventure in Cape Town. The city is one of those rare places where you can actually combine enjoyment with unique exploring experience. Due to being surrounded by the Atlantic as well as the Indian oceans, the city possesses vivacious underwater life. The cherry on top of the cake is the town’s rich shipping experience which makes the hunt for underwater treasures irresistible.

Mountain climbing adventure in Cape Town

If you love getting active, be prepared to work up some sweat to enjoy contemplating the spectacular views from the highest peaks of Cape Town. The town has a plethora of trails leading up to the mountains and the views opening before your eyes, such as the canonical Table Mountain, are definitely worth the struggles. However, if you are a lazy type, there are cable car lifts helping you to enjoy stunning skyline effortlessly.

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