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Bhutan — a Safe Haven for the Monk-Heart

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Exploring the Bhutanese territory and all it has to offer to wanderlusts

Known for being as mysterious in culture as it is flamboyant in its natural diversity, Bhutan is a spiritual retreat for the soul, while being a rare hub for heart-throbbing Himalayan adventure. Let’s dive into all it has to offer to the hippie-heart in all of us, and explore the colorful palette of Bhutanese gifts to the rest of the world.

Geographical location

A worthy escape for just about everyone, the beautiful kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked nation in South Asia, located at the eastern part of the bargain. To the north of Bhutan is the nation of China and toward the south, east, and west, it is surrounded by Indian territory, being isolated from Nepal by Sikkim (an Indian state) on the western side.

With an accounted-for territory of around 46,500 sq km (18,000 sq mi) in 1997 and 38,394 square kilometers (14,824 sq mi) in 2002, Bhutan’s landscape is painted with beautiful, lush green subtropical fields in the south to the cold, sub-high Himalayan statures in the north; where a few pinnacles stand as tall as 7,000+ meters (surpassing 23,000 ft).

Nature highlights

Beautifying Himalayas’ eastern edge, the Buddhist kingdom is famous for its tranquilizing natural sites, rich local culture, ancient monasteries, fortresses, and a diverse landscape that ranges from subtropical plains to steep mountains, valleys, and much more.

Generating about 2.2 million tones of carbon annually with its wide forests absorbing three times the amount, Bhutan is the world’s first carbon-negative country. The unadulterated nature of Bhutan is a sight to behold, with more than 72% of the kingdom covered in forests. The biodiversity of this place is considered to be one of the best in the world. Bhutan is often recognized by experts as one of only a handful couple of environmental hotspots on the planet. In a world ruled by quick urbanization, Bhutan stands separated as a minor, green paradise for nature-lovers.

A tourist hub for adventure-seekers and peace-seekers alike, Bhutan draws in thousands of experienced hikers from all over the world. The valleys of Bhutan offer versatile terrains and the mountains offer challenges for the novice and expert alike.

Cultural highlights

Shielded from the ‘cultural-adulteration’ the rest of the world can bring, Bhutan has the majestic Himalayas separating it from the rest of the world. Bhutan’s capital (and biggest city) is Thimphu, which is a must-visit place if you want to explore the taste of the local culture. The currencies used are Bhutanese ngultrum and the Indian rupee, and the official language of the region is Dzongkha. You can find local guides here that speak fluent English, so the language barrier is not a big issue for most travelers.

The state religion here is Vajrayana Buddhism, with seventy-five (or more) percent of citizens practicing Buddhism. The monasteries and religious places of Bhutan give you great insights into the religious belief, the philosophy, the ancient history and the stories related to their religious monks and heroes (most of them being moral anecdotes). The second most-practiced religion of the country remains Hinduism—which is as rich here as it is in Indian states, full of colorful practices, soothing chants, anecdotes, scriptures, and ancient history. You should also check out the Drukpa Kagyu School of Buddhism’s thoughts on meditation, life, and spirituality. A fundamental comprehension of Bhutan’s Buddhism is the key to understanding the Bhutanese.

The architecture of Bhutan is a sight to behold. The Dzong architecture is as popular today as it was in the ancient times, and Bhutan hosts some majestic structures, temples and more that have been here for hundreds of years. You can roam around the streets of a village here and experience for yourself how the design motifs, architectural footprints, and designs have been passed on by the ancient times and adopted by today’s locals into their homes.

If you need to experience the local and ancient culture along with the nature highlights of Bhutan, the Taktsang monastery, Paro valley, Rinpung Dzong, Phobjikha Valley, and Chomolhari would be some go-to places, along with a long list of other spots, each featuring a unique aspect of the kingdom. Visit Thimphu, Paro, and Phuntsheoling, the biggest shopping hubs in the kingdom, to buy locally made clothes, pots, paintings, jewelry, and a lot of other souvenirs.

Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La

Bhutan opened its doors to travelers all the way back in 1974. Describes by many as the world’s most selective travel destination, the rare sites of this place are meditative, to say the least. Also known as ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon,’ or ‘the last Shangri La’ on earth, the sovereign kingdom has been leniently preserved from the destructive western impacts, leaving the nation happily immaculate and leaving the nature, unadulterated.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has embraced a careful way to deal with the travel industry, so as to keep away from any negative effect on the nation’s way of life and condition. All travelers and tourists must embark on a pre-arranged, comprehensively-guided visit through an enrolled visit administrator in Bhutan; or their partners abroad. Bhutan’s government supports tourism and they are the ones who fix the rates for tourists, instead of a bunch of private facilitators, which is an advantage as it makes things way more cost-effective than most places in the world.

A hidden treasure

Bhutan has figured out how to remain covered profoundly in an enviously monitored, meditative seclusion that upgrades the conservation of its rich, unique culture. As a result, each part of Bhutan has its very own chronicled, topographical, cultural, social, customary and religious significance. An enchanting haven known well for antiquated legends, preserved ancient culture, spiritualist customs, combined with colorful seasonal celebrations, and spellbinding natural spots, Bhutan is welcoming in every way to travelers from every part of the world.

The ideal getaway place to go to, Bhutan offers the rest of the world something that is seldom found, especially in the metropolitan hustle-bustle—a measure of peace and tranquility. This is the place where your watch stops working and every moment counts. This is a refuge from all the stress and the worries of the world. The serenity of Bhutan can be best explained as a solid customary quality that is dependent on religion, regard for one’s family, care for nature and goodwill. An excursion to this minor Himalayan kingdom is an encounter one must have once in their lifetime.

Your go-to guide for the complete Bhutanese experience

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Come along with us and stumble into this less trodden country for a vacation of self-revelation never experienced.

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