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Amazing, Astonishing and Active Tours in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan which is officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan is the worlds
largest landlocked country which boasts of diverse and beautiful picturesque
landscapes spread across the length and breadth of the country.

Kazakhstan was a former Soviet republic and surrounded by the Caspian Sea in the west, shares
Altai Mountains at the eastern border along with China and Russia. The country
has beautiful mountain ranges, plush and blossoming valleys, several lakes and

This place also provides for various kinds of active sports like trekking, rock
climbing, hiking, safaris, skiing, fishing, hunting
and many more.

Starting with the list of a few activities that one can try out during their stay at

What: Cosmodrome tour
Where: Baikonur

This tour is for science fiction enthusiasts. This tour involves the tourists visiting a
spaceport from where astronauts are sent off to space expeditions. Tourists are
introduced to the space center and former secret town which is a landmark in
itself because of its role in the history of astronautics.

The visitors are guided by an expert from the Russian Space Agency at the Soyuz
Rocket Launch Site. Only four times a year this tour operates wherein they deliver
a new crew to the International Space Station (ISS).

What: Tour of the Aral Sea
Where: Located between Kazakhstan in the north and
Uzbekistan in the south

The Aral Sea also is known as the disappearing sea, is located between Kazakhstan
and Uzbekistan. This water body is dotted with over 1100 small islands, hence
giving its name, which roughly translates into Sea of islands.

This sea is unique in its structure because it does not have an outflow and hence
an endorheic lake. The tour comprises of a five-day journey to watch this
beautiful specimen of nature. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the
lake is disappearing at an alarming rate.

The lake has been shrinking rapidly after the Soviet irrigation projects diverted the
rivers that once fed this beautiful lake. The result is that today the lake has shrunk
to only 10% of its original size and is filling with sand.

What: Charyn Canyon
Where: Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Charyn Canyon is a unique natural monument located in Kazakhstan. The
canyon is roughly 12 million years old and is complete with several cliffs, remains
of ancient castles, which were crafted by natural forces.

The canyon is roughly 90 kilometers in length and 200 kilometers from the city of Almaty. It is a part of the Charyn National Park situated in Uygur district, Raiymbek district and Enbenshikazakh district. It runs along the Charyn river banks. Some of the adventure sports that are offered in this region are canoeing and white water rafting, fishing for local fishes.

What: Space roll-out extension
Where: Baikonur

This is an extension of the Baikonur tour where you can witness how a rocket is rolled out from its assembly. After the roll-out, it is prepared for its journey in the space. This tour is called so because it adds an extra day to the main Baikonur tour.

The tour begins with the visitors bring taken to the assembly building where the rocket is taken out and then transported to the launch pad to be put into the vertical positive ready for launch. After this, the remaining Baikonur tour begins.

What: Kolsay lakes
Where: Tian Shan Mountains

Located within the Kolsay Lakes National Park, the lakes provide the most
important and main feature of the national park. It is situated between Talgar and
Raiymbek district, Kazakhstan. Under natural conservation laws, only a very small
portion of the park is open for tourism.

The park boasts of over 700 species of flora out of which nearly 12 are rare and
protected species. It also has 50 different species of animals and nearly 200 kinds
of birds. The lakes have various guest houses and campsites for the tourists in
nearby villages.

What: Shymbulak ski resort
Where: near Almaty

The Shymbulak ski resort is the largest ski resort in Central Asia, situated in the
upper region of Medeu Valley which is located in the Zaiilisky Alatau mountain
ranges. The resort is connected to the southern part of Almaty city through the
Medeo road. The ski resort can be reached by gondola cars. The resort offers
vertical drops of nearly 3000 feet and almost 12 kilometers of ski runs for visiting
skiing enthusiasts and pros.

The ski season ranges from November to April. The resort provides a hotel for
skiers to stay overnight and there are also three ski lifts to take skiers up
elevations of over 3200 meters at Talgar pass. The resort also offers rentals on
sleighs, snowboards etc. There is a snow park for visitors interesting in

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