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7 Climbing ‘Must to Do’ Spots

Do you enjoy sweat breaking out on your forehead and your heart racing like mad as you find yourself half suspended in the air with the few thousand meters beneath your feet? I bet you are an avid climber looking for just another dose of thrill.

When it comes to climbing, people are usually aware of the most conventional destinations such as the Alps, Kilimanjaro and Everest. However, if you are looking to go off the beaten track when looking for a spot to spend your climbing holidays, you will find this article useful.

We will reveal 7 world’s best places to go climbing that will make you view the world from a different angle.

Climbing adventure in France

If you prefer smooth boulders to sharp cliffs, this spot will be your mini paradise on earth. Located just 90 kilometers from Paris, Fontainebleau can be described as a set of numerous boulders suitable for kids and also the adult from whom climbing is the first experience ever.  However, more experienced climbers will also find something to preoccupy themselves with in Fontainebleau.

Climbing holidays in Greece

When it comes to Mediterranean climbing spots, Kalymnos Island is one of the best options to opt for. The island boasts a plethora of easily accessible climbing spots making it suitable for all ability levels. The selections range from the most state-of-the-art technical routes to overhangs that even top gun climbers will find challenging.

Some of the limestone formations are rather dangerous and it should be noted that one has to be mindful when choosing an area for climbing even though thrill is the main purpose.

Climbing in Greenland for the hard-core guys

If you have climbed thousands of mountains and now want a new fresh experience, you will find a real adventure in Renland. The cliffs are steep, the rock is hard, there is a plethora of unclimbed summits and no guidebook exists, so if being a path breaker is your dream, you have an opportunity to live it out in life!

Climbing holidays in Thailand

If you are newbie in climbing searching for a proper spot to kick off the road and polish your first attempt, you might want to visit Krabi Region in Thailand.

Not only is this place perfect for beginners, but also for anyone fond of contemplating magnificent scenery. The daredevils looking to get their adrenaline up to a new level might find this place not challenging enough, however, Thai being blessed with stunning beaches, tropical jungles and unique local culture will make amends for it. Not only will you have a chance to have some climbing adventures, but also take a good sip of the rich Thai culture.

Climbing tour in Utah

If you are looking for heavenly beautiful scenery, the Stolen Chimney in Utah is where you should head. The area can be described as desert canyon featuring quaint rock formations which makes climbing rather strenuous.

Are you sure you are prepared for that does of thrill? If you do no have enough of climbing experience, do not even hope to make it to the summit of this twisting sandstone formation. This nut is a hard one to crack and by now there have been only a few successful attempts. However, you are guaranteed to face lots of thrilling challenges on your way! You wanted it? You got it!

Climbing adventure in Spain

Costa Blanca offers an experience quite unique from any other destination in Spain and you will need to be prepared to perform some acrobatic climbing to win the top. The climbing is rather steep and painstaking with the mostly featureless rock looking intimidating, to say the least. If you are an avid climber, this spot will be one of the most notorious spots in your portfolio!

Climbing in Italy, dare to climb a volcano?

You can hardly surprise your friends by telling them you have been on a climbing adventure as climbing itself is nothing new, however, how about climbing an…active volcano? The Italian volcano Etna has been attracting the braves tourists from all over the world for many years. The volcano rises up in the sky with a halo of steam. And once on top, you will enjoy contemplating the view of the grey-sand valley in the center of which the volcano is located. Even if you are not much into climbing or idea of climbing a volcano seem too intimidating to you, you can jump into a local train that will drive you around the volcano’s base. The scenery is still astounding there.

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