4 Adventurous Things to Do for Brave Hearts in Namibia
4 Adventurous Things to do for Brave Hearts in Namibia

Reasons for you to pack up your bags and head to Namibia to discover thrill

For those who adore being adventurous and love to be amidst nature, Namibia is a location that has excellent things to offer. From the dunes of an old desert to surfing on the fresh coast- this place is filled with numerous adventure spots for the brave hearts. In this article, let’s explore some of the top adventurous things to do in Namibia- the kind that will give you the thrill of a lifetime.


Activity: Trekking

Dune 45, Sossusvlei is a 170-meter tall sand dune that is in the form of a perfectly shaped sweeping sand which is the first stop for adventure lovers for an early morning trek to see the sunrise. Every step on this sand dune leads to one of the most beautiful spectacles one could witness. And yes, you’ll be trailing on one of the most popularly photographed destinations, and the slightly tedious dune climbing task is worth every step once you realize the wonders that nature has gifted over the dusty horizon.

You can also cruise up and down the sand dunes at full throttle on an ATV, which is one of the most thrilling and fun rides that will surely suffice the adventurous attitude of travelers. You can continue the excursion on Deadvlei, a white clay pan, which is an extension of the desert. The name translates to ‘dead marsh,’ which is actually a dried up part of the desert littered with remains of trees that have been scorched by the intense heat from the sun, turning them black.

At night time, you can experience the spectacular array of scattered stars on the night sky. The Namibian desert has this beautiful, dry and cool night sky that is heavily sought-after for stargazing.


Activity: Surfing

The skeleton coast in Namibia is actually the shipwreck-filled Atlantic coast that has some of the harshest and highest barrelling waves that are more than appropriate to provide the adrenaline thrust for surfers. Though it is considered unsafe for beginners, tourists who are professional surfers and adventure lovers will definitely love this thriller of a ride on the high rising tides. Experience the thrill of riding through the searing waves and roaring currents in Namibia’s skeleton coast.


This tour can be wrapped up with a tour to the Spitzkoppe, a granite mound formed out of pre-hardened molten lava of a volcano. Spitzkoppe is more an ancient and historic site with depictions from Namibian ancestors and it is counted as one of the many unexplained wonders of nature. The spitzkoppe is also home to amazing stone arches, another mysterious beauty that is often referred to be a photographer’s awe.


Activity: Skydiving and moon landscaping

Gear yourselves up to be lifted 10,000 feet above the land and relish the beauty of the sea with skydiving. For international travelers visiting Namibia, skydiving is one of the most sought-after adventure rides after surfing and sand boarding. Skydiving brings you the amazing view of the sprawling rustic desert and the blue and beautiful sea from far above. Acrobatic lovers and nature lovers will definitely adore this ride alike.

Swakopmund is a short drive from the Spitzkoppe and has another mindboggling encounter with the lunar landscape. It has rugged and scrapped rocks that give you the feel of literally striding on the moon itself. You can also meet up with the Himba people engage in enriching interactions with them.


Activity: Safari
The Namibian cheetah farm houses the cheetahs that are actually rescued from being hunted in the wilderness. Tourists here can witness cheetahs up close and experience the majestic wilderness, with safaris as well.

Another offering at the Etosha National Park allows you to watch up close many of the endangered species via a safari that is both adventurous and enticing at the same time. The park is actually centered around the water holes where all the animals like deer, elephants and water rhinos gather around. Camping and a comfortable stay are provided at the Okaukuejo Camp in the Etosha National Park, known for its amazing environment.

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