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3 Safaris in Kenya Perfect for Families!

Places to consider before you book a Kenya safari package

Named after Mount Kenya, the country itself is called the Republic of Kenya. With Nairobi as its capital, the landscape in the region provides you with a refreshing treat from your busy city life. So, plan your next vacation to Kenya to take adventure safaris and witness spectacular wildlife. The diverse geographical and ecological places here make Kenya adventure vacations a thrilling ride for anyone who is willing to step foot on this soil with a thirst for exploring the unknown.

In this article, we will be narrowing down the top three stops for your Kenya safari holidays- pieces of paradise where you will get to experience the African country at its best. Let’s dive right in!

Shaba National Reserve Highlights

The one for the wanderer-hearts

Established in 1948, Shaba National Reserve is one of the most famous national reserves in Kenya. Made by the famous Joy Adamson and the location of the famous movie ‘Born Free’ it’s a pacifistic place to visit amidst nature.

While visiting the national reserve, there are two other adjoining spots that one must visit along the way- Buffalo Springs and Samburu (along with the sides of the Ewaso Ngiro river). This national reserve attracts many animals, as being alongside the river gives it the advantage of hosting animals who come here for a drink throughout the day. Because of this reason alone, this national reserve can be found on the list of any travel company that provides you Kenya tours and safaris packages.

Although a semi-desert, this national reserve attracts many tourists who want to see plenty of wildlife amidst their natural habitat. Shaba National Reserve also has a memorial for its creator i.e. Joy Adamson. A must visit for all the travelers; this place is a mix of volcanic rocks, sandy desert, diverse wildlife, and a beautiful river- making it a unique landscape for the wanderer at heart.

Selous National Park

The one for wildlife enthusiasts

Twice the size of Belgium, this national park tops the list of heart throbbing Kenya adventure safaris. An African bash, Selous National Park will give you the African county’s raw, charming beauty with the largest varied wildlife making it a world heritage site. This is a safari adventure most known for the unique mix of nature and animal species, delivering the visitors subtle grace and wild thrill on the same platter.

On this safari, one can see wild dogs, elephants, painted wolves and much more.
Surrounded by Rufiji river, lakes, channels and lagoons, it is a must-visit site for tourists who want to see the spellbinding diversity of wildlife. Visiting Selous National park is one of the best Kenya tours you can experience.

Lake Naivasha and Nakuru Highlights

The one for the curious souls

Separating east Kenya from the west lake Naivasha and Nakuru is a part of the Great Rift Valley in the region. Traveling alongside the valley, you will come across many dormant volcanoes. Home to flamingos, the park sports a great ecological diversity, turning it into a vivid park.

When it comes to adventure Kenya safaris, Lake Naivasha and Nakuru are places that trump many others, because of their wildlife diversity that spreads across black and white rhinos, pelicans, colobus monkeys, buffalos, giraffes, and antelopes. Having a freshwater lake it is an important natural aspect for the wildlife of this area. A must see spot if you like bird-watching, especially because of the flamingos.

Kenya is a place that has a lot of different safaris to offer- and you need to know what you are looking for before you book your Kenya safari package- thrill, tranquility or a quench for curiosity. We hope we have given you a good spot for all of these.

Have a happy safari. Good luck!

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