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3 Hardcore Adventure Spots in Himachal

India that are not crowded by tourists

Located in the lap of Himalayas, Himachal is a place that attracts brave travelers and wanderlust-struck tourists from all around the world. Known for its scenic beauty and adventure spots, this state is nothing short of paradise.

However, you might expect a place famous for adventure, to be famous for tourists as well. In Himachal’s case, that is not so- no if you know where to look!

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 adventure spots in Himachal that are filled with breathtaking views and heart-throbbing adventures, and are not crowded. In this article we will be covering 5 different locations that cover thrilling sport and travel activities you can indulge yourself in, all the while surrounded by the tranquility and serenity of nature!

Have a look at these hidden pieces of heaven, waiting for brave hearts to claim them!

Location: Charang Ghati Pass

Altitude of the trek: Up to 17,198 feet
Best time to visit: June to September

This high-altitude trek is not for people who are going trekking for the first time. But if you do not have high-altitude sickness, this place is a peaceful paradise you wouldn’t want to return from!

The one-day trek along this mountain pass starts from the base camp, located in Charang La. Trekking to the very top (at an altitude of 17198 ft.) takes about a whole day, followed by a descend to Chitkul Village (at an altitude of 11352 ft.).

The whole experience lasts about 5 days, and you are accompanied by local guides for safety assurance.

The trek is filled with dangerous passes, snow, gravel, and steep ascents. However, the views of this place are as tranquil as hill stations can possibly get. The best time to visit this place is between June to September, and many passes here and around the area are closed at other times of the year because of snow.

If you really want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the modern civilization and experience serenity, this trekking experience will deliver on its promises, calming your mind and giving you a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Location: Bir Billing

Elevation: 1,525 m
Activity: Paragliding
Best time to visit: March-May and October-November
Starting from: $40

A center for spiritual studies, ecotourism and meditation camps and activities, Bir is a village in Himachal that offers a great insight into the influence of Buddhist culture in India, with architectural wonders and monasteries.

The other thing it is famous for is its ideal climate for Paragliding.

A perfect trip for a long weekend or for 5 days, you can visit the Billing valley for a taste of flight, with a 15-30 minute tandem paragliding flight to the Bir village. The takeoff site is about 8000 ft. from sea level, and the landing site is around 4300 ft.

With a temperature of 10-25 degree centigrade in the gliding season, the air currents and cloud base here is ideal for beginners and advanced gliders alike, and once you are mid-air, all you see are lush green fields, tall mountains, clouds, and spellbinding sunsets.

Location: Lahaul Spiti

Elevation: 4,270 m
Activity: Bike ride

A motorcycle tour to the Spiti valley is a refuge from the city noise and an adventurous journey to the greater Himalayan regions. The 8-10 day tour comprises of riding your way through the high-altitude passes, visiting the surreal Chandra Tal Lake, exploring numerous villages (and their local heritage and cuisine) along the way, camping and star-gazing.

A bucket-list tour for countless motorcyclists around the world, this journey has numerous routes, the most popular one of them starting from Manali, with Banjar Valley as the first stop, followed by villages and nature, and making a last stop on the Chandra Tal Lake before eventually ending up back in Manali again. While this is not recommended for people who can’t ride well for long durations of time- for the ones who can, its soul-searching, personified!

Himachal is a haven for serenity. And there are places here that are still preserved and not crowded by tourists. If you have a thirst for adventure, this is a place that will serve you well, giving you an experience that will, most likely, change your life and fill you up with positivity!

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